Ultra-Low Particulate PTFE Air Filter

Product Highlight:

  • High efficiency and low resistance PTFE filter media
  • Lower energy consumption, saving more than 40% energy
  • High resistant to corrosion, including acid, alkali and VOC
  • Low outgassing of boron, sodium, potassium, silicon
  • Higher strength against impact during transportation & installation
  • Smaller size, lighter weight, save space

Product Description

Filter Application:

It is suitable for semiconductor industrial, LCD chip, electronics, modular clean room and strict requirements of micro environment.


Semiconductor Cleanroom Application


Product Features:

Continuous Operating Temperature :Max. 80°C
Operating Relative Humidity :≤100 (%RH)
Media Material :PTFE with Low Outgassing
Frame Material :Anodized Extruded Aluminium Profile
Frame Thickness :30mm, 50mm, 70mm
Faceguard :Epoxy Powder Coated Steel / Aluminium
Efficiency :U15, U16, U17 (EN1822:2009)
Sealant Material :Polyurethane Glue
Initial Pressure Drop :Low

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