Chemical Filter Media

Product Highlight (Removal Capacity)

  • Chlorine: 10% minimum by weight
  • Nitrogen Dioxide: 6.6% min. by weight
  • Toluene: 20% min. by weight
  • Trichloroethane: 20% min. by weight
  • Targeted Contaminants: Hydrocarbons, chlorine, nitric dioxide, volatile organic compounds。

Product Description

Product Applications:

P-1000 is made of additive-free activated carbon which can adsorb gaseous contaminants from the environment.

Product Features:

Continuous Operating Temperature:10~95 %RH
Operating Relative Humidity:-4°F to 125°F (-20°C to 51°C)
Air Flow:from less than 25CFM to 100000 CFM
Physical Properties:Moisture content – 2%
Hardness – 95min
Apparent density/ bulk dense pack – 30lbs/ft3 (0.48g/cc) ±5%
Ctc – 60% min
Ash – 12% min
Nominal pellet diameter – 4mm