Knife Edge HEPA Filter

Product Highlight

  • Mini-pleat design, high quality fiberglass filter media
  • Lower operational cost
  • Compact structure, space-saving
  • High dust loading capacity, long service life
  • Knife Edge type, better sealing performance
  • Efficiency (EN1822):99.7%@0.3um(H13), 99.99%@0.3um(H14)

Product Description

Product Applications:

MayAir knife-edge type HEPA/ ULPA non-separator filter has a better sealed structural design than other conventional filters. It comes with a test hole for leak test and scan test before delivery. This is to ensure the perfectness of each filter and to make sure they pass the stringent on-site performance test.


Product Features:

Continuous Operating Temperature:Max. 80°C
Operating Relative Humidity:≤100 (%RH)
Media Material:Ultrafine-Fiberglass
Frame Material:Anodise Aluminium
Knife-Edge Depth:18mm
Faceguard:Epoxy Powder Coated Steel Mesh
Efficiency:H13, H14 (EN1822:2009)
Separator Material:Hot Melt Bead
Sealant Material:Polyurethane Glue

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