HEPA Filter with Separator

Product Highlight:

  • Ultra fine fiberglass filter media
  • Aluminum casing/ galvanized iron casing
  • Aluminum separator, optional flangeless frame, single flange frame or double flange frame, flange thickness 20mm
  • High efficiency, low pressure drop, high dust loading capacity
  • Efficiency (EN1822): 99.95%(H13)、99.995% (H14)

Product Description



Product Features:

Continuous Operating Temperature:Max. 80°C
Operating Relative Humidity:≤100 (%RH)
Media Material:Fiberglass
Frame Material:Galvanised Steel / Aluminium / Stainless Steel / Plywood
Frame Thickness:80mm, 95mm, 150mm, 220mm, 292mm
Frame Header:Non-Header / Single Header / Double Header (Thickness: 20mm)
Efficiency:H13, H14 (EN1822:2009)
Separator Material:Corrugated Aluminium / Paper
Sealant Material:Polyurethane Glue

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