Kitchen Exhaust Filtration Unit

Product Highlight:

  • PWM bipolar steady-state power module control, ionization section voltage 12000V, dust collection section voltage 6000V, higher efficiency, better stability
  • The ionizer is made of durable stainless steel plate, while the dust collecting module is made of aviation aluminium alloy plates, which are corrossion resistant.
  • It is equipped with running, 03 cleaning alarm and fault alarm signal indicators, and provides a communication interface with the building’s self-control connection, which is smarter and more convenient
  • High waterproof performance, do not need canopy for outdoor installation
  • Double protection interlocking system

Product Description


Continuous Operating Temperature:Max. 200°C
Operating Relative Humidity:≤100 (%RH)
Efficiency:MERV13, 14, 15
Indicators:Operation, cleaning and malfunction indicators
Long Service Life:Up to 10 Years
Power Comsumption:Low
Initial Pressure Drop:Low