DOOR SYSTEM – Semiconductor

DOOR FRAMEThe doorframe is made of Aluminum alloy (6063-T5).

Rubber gasket is installed in the doorframe to ensure air tight

SURFACE TREATMENTPowder coated with grey white color or natural anodized.



45mm thick (With single clear class window)

FACINGS0.5mm (t) steel sheet with PE roll coated covered by plastic foil (0.04mm)

Color: grey white




Aluminum honeycomb with non-combustible class B1

ADHESIVERebon YB2002 (resin) mixed with YB8001 (Hardener) Epoxy Past Adhesive

Mixing Ratio, YB2002:YB8001=4:1

DOOR ACCESSORIESProvided “ROCK“ lever handle lock, a set of “ROCK” 4 inches stainless steel hinges and “GEZE” door closer