1. Advanced performance and structural design. Applicable to any clean room.
2. Small volume, space-saving.
3. Specially designed inner diffusion plate for uniform air pressure and uniform air outlet velocity.
4. Specially designed air inlet point and air duct, low pressure drop and low noise, silencing cotton is not necessary.
5. High quality fan and high efficiency motor, low power consumption, power saving.
6. The air flow can be altered manually according to needs.

1. FFU is applicable clean room environment with or without laminar air flow.
2. It is highly flexible and can be installed at the ceiling keel or ceiling mounted system.
3. It is compatible to any ceiling keel shape based on different structural design. It can provide high cleanliness class ranging from 100 to 1.
4. Known to be the most cost effective clean room equipment currently available in the market with the best performance and lowest noise.
5. Widely used in semiconductor industries, microelectronic industries, optical industries, microorganism industries and the list goes on.

Product Description

Installation of FFU :
Make sure the unit is always in vertical position during delivery, unloading and installation.
The unit will be packed with multiple protective packaging during delivery. Please use forklift during unloading.
The unit is not applicable to humid, smoky, oily and dusty area.
Do not expose the unit to area with high acid and alkali environment to prevent corrosion.
Enough air inlet space should be prepared during installation for uniform air flow.
The unit will be installed at the ceiling keel along with HEPA filter. The sealing will be dependent on its own weight.

Observe the operating conditions of the unit. Turn it off if there is any abnormal condition.
Do not dissemble the electrical components.

Step on the side when walking above the unit’s surface. Do not ever step on the air inlet point of the unit.
Make sure the unit is not affected by the AC condensate during installation.
Turn off the device before using the TSC-10 speed controller.

Fault light indicator and relay
Operating light and relay
Three pin plugs and 2.5m power cord
Three pin plugs and socket and 2.5m power cord