DescriptionRockwool Panel
Fire Rating> 1 hour
Thermal Conductivity<0.044 W/mk
Resists Temperature>1000 oC
Water AbsorptionModerate
Compression Resistance>40Kpa
Density, kg/m3100
Noise Absorbing, at 125 Hz0.07
Compressive Strength150 kPa
Flammable Gas ToxicityLess
Core Intenerate Temperature>850 oC


Product Description

PANEL TYPERockwool Panel
MATERIALLamella Rock Wool Slab
PANEL TYPE50 mm (t) rockwool

Panel edge sealed by 0.8mm GI sheet made framework

APPLICATIONSCleanroom non-demountable caulking wall system



0.5 mm PE Roll Coated Static Dissipative Surface Treatment Conductivity: R= 106Ω-109Ω or non-conductivity surface or 0.5mm PE non-conductivity surface

The surface is covered with a plastic foil (0.04mm) for the prevention of transportation or installation damages.

Color: grey white

CORELamella Rock Wool Slab, Density = 100 kg/m3
ADHESIVERebon YB2002 (resin) mixed with YB8001 (Hardener) Epoxy Past Adhesive

Mixing Ratio, YB2002:YB8001=4:1