DescriptionRockwool Panel
Fire Rating> 1 hour
Thermal Conductivity<0.044 W/mk
Resists Temperature>1000 oC
Water AbsorptionModerate
Compression Resistance>40Kpa
Density, kg/m3100
Noise Absorbing, at 125 Hz0.07
Compressive Strength150 kPa
Flammable Gas ToxicityLess
Core Intenerate Temperature>850 oC


Product Description

PANEL TYPERockwool Panel
MATERIALLamella Rock Wool Slab
PANEL TYPE50 mm (t) rockwool


Panel edge sealed by 0.8mm GI sheet made framework

APPLICATIONSCleanroom demountable wall system



0.5 mm PE Roll Coated Static Dissipative Surface Treatment Conductivity: R= 106Ω-109Ω or non-conductivity surface or 0.5mm PE non-conductivity surface

The surface is covered with a plastic foil (0.04mm) for the prevention of transportation or installation damages.

Color: grey white

CORELamella Rock Wool Slab, Density = 100 kg/m3
ADHESIVERebon YB2002 (resin) mixed with YB8001 (Hardener) Epoxy Past Adhesive

Mixing Ratio, YB2002:YB8001=4:1