Air Purifier 401

Product Highlight:

MayAir 401 is equipped with HEPA, activated carbon filter, negative ion and nano photocatalytic technology. With an effective area of 55m2, it mainly focuses on the removal of biological contaminants (bacteria, microorganisms, dust mite etc.), gaseous contaminants (carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde etc.) and tiny particles (dust, pollen, smoke etc.).

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Product Description

Service Area:55m²
Mode of Control:Manual / Remote
Power (W):85± | 45±5 | 25±5 | 13±5
Air Flow(m³/h):600 | 408 | 264 | 216
Noise dB (A):60 | 53 | 48 | 34
PM2.5 Efficiency (30m²/20mins):99.90%
Sterilization Rate:99%
Formaldehye Removal Rate:>90%
Staphylococcus Aureus Removal Rate (30m³/2h):99%
Negative Ion:3x10ion/cm³
Dimension (WxHxD):410 x 680 x 240mm
Power Supply (V/Hz):1Ph/220V/50Hz
Warranty:1 Year