PVC Floor has excellence wear resistance and easy cleaning with special coating. Conductive material is distributed evenly in the entire area to have permanent conductivity. It also has anti-fire, anti-chemical properties

Product Description




600 x 600mm



900 x 900mm
Thickness2.0, 2.5, 3.0mmSJ/T11236-2001
Electrical ResistancesEC 2.5 x 104 – 1.0 x 106SJ/T11236-2001
SD 1.0 x 106 – 109
Stating VoltageIVI < 100VSJ/T11236-2001
Static Decay≤ 2 SecGJB2605-1996
Resistances To Wear≤ 0.020g /cm2SJ/T11236-2001
Fire ResistanceFV – 0SJ/T11236-2001
Dimensional≥ 0.10 %STABILITY EN434
Rate of Damnify Heating≤ 0.50 %SJ/T11236-2001
Rate of Changing Heating≥ 0.20 %SJ/T11236-2001
Rate of Changing Watering≤ 0.15 %GB4085-83
Residual Concavity≤ 0.15SJ/T11236-2001
Concavity – 23˚C≤ 0.30SJ/T11236-2001
Concavity – 45˚C≤ 0.60SJ/T11236-2001
Color Fastness≤ 6.0ISO 105B 02